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19 - Chicken and Bacon Pie and a Deep River

  19 – Chicken and Bacon Pie and a Deep River He was on top of the world. Felt he was flying. The air whistling through his hair. Swept out behind him. Long brown and slightly wavy. Black leather jacket flapping, slapping against his chest the zip partially undone. Blue tinted goggles preventing his eyes watering. The girl behind clinging, tight arms around his waist. Her blond her skipping around partially protected. Her head turned to one side, the left side, and moulded into his back. He was exhilarated. She was petrified. The second hand 1968 Norton Commando 750cc sped along the dual carriageway close to its top speed of around 110mph. Anyway going at least a ton. The road was quiet but there were cars that needed avoiding. A bit of weaving here and there. No crash helmets. Not illegal in those days. The deep throaty roar of the twin four stroke adding to the sheer excitement he felt. Dodgy was his name. To his Mum he was Jim. Jim Bevans but his mates called him Dodgy. In

18 - Blue Shelves and a New Leaf

18 – Blue Shelves and a New Leaf If most people thought it was quite a nice day he thought it a rubbish day. “Looks likely to rain.” Was a probable response. Most people thought a nice relaxing holiday was worth every penny but he thought it a waste. “Better things for money”. Normally said. Most people thought being happy and cheerful was a nice way to be but he thought it stupid. “What is there to be cheerful about.” Was the unhappy response.   As you can tell Totally Strange was quite a miserable person. Always seemed to think the worst of everything. The opposite of the natural consensus. There was no reason. It was just his way. Antony Strange was such a serious chap. Just to look at him would confirm the truth of this. Haphazard as his hair was it did have structure albeit lacking a touch of proper grooming. It was combed forward almost to his eyes the purpose probably to conceal the deep frown lines that permanently penetrated his forehead. His eyes had a sad tired way a

17 - Bucket of Colours and some Grey

17 – Bucket of Colours and some Grey Nobody knows the man’s name. He just appears from time to time. Anywhere. It could be anywhere. Anywhere he is needed. He is a tall man. Very thin with extremely long unkept blond hair. His cloths very casual. Slacks, shirt and a very long coat reaching down to below his knees. Everything is colourful. Could be any colour at any time. Always happy. In fact he is always very happy. Laughs and smiles enormously. His world is so bright. So colourful. If you imagine you can collect a bucket full of all the brightest colours and throw them into the air you would quickly appreciate the view of the world through his eyes. He has happiness in abundance. Has the whole essence of the world flowing through his body filling him with a vibrancy that just simply exudes pleasure. There is no need to describe his face. Simply picture a face showing pure joy and there you have it. He greets people with a rousing flourish slapping them on the back and leaving

16 - Haircut,Bubbles and a Carpenter

16 – Haircut, Bubbles and a Carpenter “Hello Matey how’s it all going.” “Beezer, absolutely bloody beezer Joe. Got myself a girlfriend. Lucy. Really nice.” “Lucy eh. Do I know her?” “Naw, wouldn’t think so. Lives down by the church over in Lower Lane.” “Don’t know anyone down there. Nice spot though.” “Yeh, really up market. She’s quite posh. Dad’s a well to do but not sure what he does. Got a big Jag.” “Hey Dave want a beer? You as well Joe?” “Yeh why not. Thanks Chris. Didn’t see Chris here. Got a loud voice hasn’t he. So busy today. Lucky he was at the bar.” “Been here a while. Had a few as well. Think he’s had a windfall or something.” “Here you go lads. Two of the best. Here’s to happy days.” “What’s up then Chris. Why all the cheer?” “Got some real spondoolies. Proper folding money. A right good result. Wouldn’t believe it would you. Old Chrissy boy finally having it away.” “What you knicked it?” “Naw Dave. Just appropriated it. Wouldn’t nick anything. You kno

15 - A Bottle of Barbaresco and some Strong Chains

15 – A Bottle of Barbaresco and some Strong Chains “Hallo is that May? This is Dave. No, David Thomas we met at Michael’s the other day. Yes that’s it the launch meeting. I said I’d call you. Don’t you remember. Lunch. Yes that’s right, lunch. I said I’d call to arrange lunch. So how about it. Do you fancy it? Ok, so what about tomorrow at twelve thirty at Gino’s. Good I’ll see you there.” Sales Director David Thomas of the Cinot Gin Company head of the team driving the impact of the multitude of designer Gins the company is marketing. A very youthful thirty eight. Fit and athletic. Fancies himself does David Thomas. Ladies’ man. Wine them, dine them and then, however lucky he was. He relies on good looks and abundant charm. The swept back blond hair and tanning bed light bronze look. Just enough to give a healthy glow without looking fake. Some of these predator types are sleazy but not David Thomas if he was a footballer he would be a professional. He has the patter, the ta

14 - Cats and Dogs, Barrels and a Touch of ESP

14 – Cats and Dogs, Barrels and a Touch of ESP Of course things happen when fellows get together. They always have. They always will. It is just a matter of what and when. It was a Saturday night. Quite a usual time for things to happen. It was the night of the stag night. And incidentally the night of the big flood. Or to be exact the big flood during the day after the big storm. Quite a sedate affair compared to modern day stag nights. But that was the form then. Before smoking bans and drink drive laws. Nothing planned. The meeting place was the pub of course. When they opened at five thirty. The boozer. Not our normal boozer. “Special night let’s have a change.” Our contingent, only ten strong, were all on time if not a bit early as the pub door was not unlocked. Freddie who is rather an impatient sort started rattling the door handle. Rattled it a bit and then quite loudly. A voice piped up, a bit stroppy, probably because of being behind the safety of a locked door.

13 - A Feather and a Riding Crop

13 – A Feather and a Riding Crop There was no way he was going to let it happen. And that was that. The time was neither right nor reasonable. To expect stuff to just, well just, occur. That was bang out of order. The absolute cheek of it. Even to suggest it is a disgrace. An affront. It made him so cross. He stomped up and down the hallway in the most frightful temper imaginable. Footsteps ringing on the solid stone floors. Ancient floors laid down centuries ago by one of his many ancestors.   Julian Montgomery Somersby-Ford the latest in an unbroken line stretching back in time to days when men fought almost daily simply to keep what they owned. A nice height. A comfortable six feet. Well-groomed shortish dark hair and face that reflected his status and wealth. The public school boy look. Eaton only five years back. Smartly dressed in slacks and shirt. Shiny shoes. Inherited last year due to the early death of his father. Heart attack. It’s in the family. His father, grandfa

12 - Two Cans of Beer and a Lone Seagull

12 – Two Cans of Beer and a Lone Seagull The wind is howling. It is a real stormy night. The rain is lashing down. Almost stair rods but not quite. The noise is louder in the back bedroom due to the skeiling ceiling. Roof slates were only the thickness of a rafter away. A hard surface and bouncy rain. The sash window was taking a bashing. The top section loose and rattling. Only that day had it been eased ready for painting. David Wilson is in the study which was in the back bedroom converted for the purpose. He is having a renewed bout of depression. It is the storm. He associated it with that fateful day two years ago. He is in torment. His wife Jenny was in the shower. It was eleven o’clock and just past their normal bedtime. She would get ready and climb into bed probably going sleeping. Would not wait for him. By now she knew his moods and would be anticipating this moment. She might read hoping that he will lighten up but knew in her heart that is just a false desire.

11 - The Dragon and Birds Nest Hair

11 – The Dragon and Birds Nest Hair From where he sat in the front row of the left hand section of the stalls he had trouble watching the actress going through her lines in the first act without seeing up her short skirt. And he did not like it. It made him very uncomfortable. He felt she knew he could see. He felt she manoeuvred herself into a position where he had no option but see. She was standing closer to the edge of the stage than perhaps she was supposed to. He sensed a slight smile almost looking at him even though she was speaking in a tragedy. She was in short teasing him. Of that he was sure. She was quite young. No more than thirty. Difficult to get a good description. She was blonde that much was obvious and she was plastered in makeup. She never really looked his way just towards the stage so he could not clearly see her face. However the overall impression he got was a girl who was most likely agreeable looking with a cute trim figure. That was about it. At