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60 - Ricky is Saved by The Doorbell

  The alarm blasted out its normal few bars of, “I’m a Believer,” causing Ricky to fling back the duvet on his super sized bed and enthusiastically leap out of bed, flicking off the music as he went. He is a morning person, in fact he is an every time of day person that also has no problem surfacing in the morning. Except maybe after a Stag Night or some other similar function that involved the loosening of willpower once the supposed two drink limit has been breached. The alarm song he considers apt for his  philosophy of, “everyday is new day of fun and opportunity,” that he believes helps him enjoy life to the full. He dresses in a flash after a quick flick around the chops with his razor and a sprinkle of water to clear the head. Ricky says showers for him in the morning are a waste of the planet's resources. He is a working man who is covered in the grime of his trade within the first ten minutes of starting work. A morning hose down is simply a futile gesture. Smart, clean, w

59 - Benjamin Beezer's Book Bazaar

The late evening news that day had said about a man being shot six times. All in the chest. All by machine gun fire. A man who spent his time looking down on people. How old was he? Sixty maybe, with dark hair and a moustache and rich. He was extremely rich, that was obvious. The house was one of those right up there swanky places. His cleaner had found him slumped over on the sofa in his sitting room. White shirt a mess as you can imagine. Reading glasses broken. Tall wine glass spilled. Did she scream? No one really knew but you would think so wouldn’t you? With the blood and all and two dead eyes staring right up at her as she walked into the room. The vacant wide sort. Kind of stuck open.  No signs of entry so the police said. Everything was locked. Front door security chain on. No windows broken. They were stumped, the police were. Was he on his own? That was a question they asked themselves and the cleaner of course. She didn’t know. How would she? She was not there until nine. T