28 May 2023

The Recreational Bandits

It's almost here. Launch date 29th June

Pre-Order at:

6 May 2023

The Recreational Bandits

Final edit agreed so all set for the last stage. The book should be available end May.

21 March 2023

The book cover for my latest novel has just been released. Date for publishing has slipped a bit but the book should be available from sometime in May.

9 March 2023

The Recreational Bandits - completed second edit received with final alterations

8 Feb 2023

The Recreational Bandits - first amended edit is back. Proposed cover designs have been received and sent back for revision. On Schedule for release end of March. 

20 Dec 2022

The Recreational Bandits - first proof-reading has been completed. Publication is due March 2023 so keep checking for actual release date.

10 Dec 2022

Look out for The Recreational Bandits  novel by Martin Dixon soon to be published.

Back Cover Blurb

Jimmy, Joe and Bobby have had a good long run, robbing the unsuspecting elite families of London, England. But when Kate, Jimmy’s girlfriend, begins to worry, the three friends decide to retire from their recreational thievery. Money was never the goal anyway.

But just as they decide to call it quits, London is plagued with the presence of two Americans who have a particular target in mind – Jimmy’s team. When Bobby is kidnapped by the Americans, they learn what they’re really after – their expertise. Planning one last theft to retrieve the Americans’ stolen diamond, the three give it their best. But will it really be the end of it?

Watch for updates of progress


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