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                 Maud was sitting on the huge squishy sofa leaning against the arm cushions with her legs spread out along its length. She was comfy. The cushions were plumped and her right foot, the one with the crepe bandage wrapped around the   ankle, was raised on a large, dark orange cushion slightly damp from the after effects of the ice pack. Naturally her right leg had no stocking and a slight discolouration, blue maybe, showed just above the bandage. The cream, silk negligee with the frilled banding was loosely covered with an equally silky pale blue dressing gown slightly ruffled around her waist. She had been in pain. Quite a lot of pain in fact but that had dulled thanks mainly to a copious supply of gin. The discomfort she is feeling in no way detracted from her natural beauty. In fact the effects of the gin and her slightly revealing apparel make an incredibly sexy picture. The silk brocade curtains were thrown open as wide as possible, flooding the spacious sitting room