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SNIPER, SNIPER - A gripping crime drama of lust and murder

Luke Carter felt nothing. He had no time. The bullet had entered through his right eye to instantly steal his life.


The sniper laughs as he packs up his rifle. Who is he? What does he want? And why Luke Carter? A normal everyday guy with a textbook life. But here he is murdered. Shot at long range by someone he doesn’t know.

The crime scene is chaotic as Detective Inspector Dave Simmons arrives and attempts to make sense of what has happened. Sifting what little evidence there is he is presented with a mystery that will not be easy to solve.

Grieving widow Suzie is left vulnerable and distraught. The perfect victim for a psychopathic stalker. Nick Deacon appears and begins to infiltrate her life, a difficult task made easier as he befriends her young son.

DI Dave Simmons collects evidence but as crime mysteries go this is one of the worst. Evidence points to Roger Nolan being the shooter but Dave has his doubts and clashes with his boss who is only interested in a quick result.

As Nick slowly gains Suzie’s confidence, time starts to run out for Dave. He needs to find the answers before his boss retires him and the case is closed. If that were to happen there is no doubt Suzie Carter would end up suffering and most certainly dead.


LIQUORICE STREET - A Thrilling Crime Mystery of Theft, Kidnap and Murder.

Old Man is a barber but he has a secret with a dubious and very lucrative sideline. His past, though, is about to catch up with him. 

His son, Crispin, knows all about crime. It’s what he does. One problem: he’s about to get mixed up in murders and kidnapping not of his making.

A body is found washed up on the river bank. DI Dave Simmons investigates and discovers a trail of events and murders that he struggles to connect.  

Crime boss Ron Draper is on the hunt for something - and those involved with it - and isn’t fussy how he achieves his goals. The results give Dave plenty to look at but nothing much to discover.

Dave has history with both Old Man and Crispy, which adds to the difficulty of an already complicated case. How do a watch collector, a pair of twins and a thrill seeking city banker fit into the scenario?

Struggling to make any progress Dave has to deal with an impatient boss while at the same time trying to make sense of what little information he has.

Progress is slow. Will any of those involved escape retribution or will Ron manage to eliminate all the loose ends, as he always has in the past, before the case is resolved.

An absorbing crime mystery that twists and turns its way to a surprising ending. 


DOUBLE SWITCH - How to get rich with a shotgun and a flamingo 

Stanley Holden’s all screwed up. His wife has died in a car crash. But things are about to change.

Doris is screwed up. Her husband walked out leaving her with a young daughter but she still finds the time to talk Stanley out of his depression.

Stanley wants to retire and has an exit strategy. Rob a jewellery shop. Rob a bank. Make a heap of cash. Simple. But he has a problem. For the perfect crime he needs a man with a shotgun and a flamingo.

Benny Morgan has a sawn-off. A small-time crook hitting soft targets with a life dredging the bottom of the pile. He wants out. Enter his saviour, Stanley Holden.

Detective Inspector Dave Simmons is tracking Benny and his cousin but is getting nowhere fast.

After a hold-up that Stanley witnesses, Dave latches onto him and is convinced he’s up to no good. As the mystery deepens Dave keeps eyes on Stanley hoping for something to happen.

Things are not so simple though. Benny finds out who shot his dad and sets out for revenge. Will that scupper Stanley's plans? And what about the flamingo that has yet to appear?

As always Dave rows with his boss and is taken off the investigation. But there’s a bank robbery to solve, a jewellery heist to sort out and of course don’t forget Benny’s revenge murder. And, of course, Dave happens to be one determined cop.


JUST WHO IS ELLIOTT SHALLOT - A con man scams a lady but who scams the con man and who will end up dead. 

Scamming the wife of an organised crime boss is not such a great idea especially if the crime boss dies. Something con man Matt Martinez soon discovers.

The crime boss’s daughter, Maria, is determined to recover the family heirloom Matt has appropriated but Family Boss, Gianna, has his own ideas. From the shores of Lake Como he devises a back-up plan to avenge his brother’s death. Revenge for him has only one conclusion and as far as Matt’s concerned he’d better hope Maria finds him first.

Matt thinks he’s onto a real earner then reality strikes, unfortunately in the form of a bullet. Taking one in the chest he staggers onto a bus where, already sitting there, is Elliot Shallot.

Elliot is persuaded to help Matt and slowly presides over his recovery. But who is he? Someone is watching him. Someone who has followed him to Matt’s apartment. Who tries to break in. But what does this man want?

All the time Maria is searching. Gianni is searching. Who will find Matt first and how will Elliot deal with his shadow? Then, of course, there’s the question of Matt and how to resolve that nasty problem.



For Jimmy, Joe and Bobby life is good. Three likeable streetwise rascals originally from London’s East End who for kicks rob rich people. And they are good at it. So good they attract the attention of two tough guy Americans. Why is a mystery they soon find the answer to. An answer that causes them endless trouble. At the same time a squad of Serious Crime officers is hot on their trail and getting close. Evading the police is hard enough but the Americans are a different story. They are professional and annoyingly relentless. If that was not enough where do a tall Texan oilman and a deep south American gangster fit in? How is their fence, old Ezra Dimes involved? 



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