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Costume Jewellery and an Americano

Costume Jewellery and an Americano Archibald Delaney was always a very snappily dressed person. Today he is wearing an expensive grey suit, white shirt and blue tie with one white diagonal stripe. Highly polished black Church’s shoes with heels clicking on the slabs as he manoeuvres his way along the congested pavement. An upright six foot two and a commanding figure. In his early forties but his face showing no signs of wear. Handsome, confident and always smiling. He spoke with a smile in a very appealing way. The smile extending to his dark eyes adding to an overall impression of trust and dependability that people immediately felt when meeting Archibald Delaney for the first time. It was eleven o’clock so he went into the coffee shop on the corner by the traffic lights. Most days he stopped around this time at Gino’s place. Gino’s sold the best coffee in town and was always busy. Today was no exception. The place was buzzing. The air echoey. A clattering of cups, shuffling o