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Escaping The Fairies

    Bobby Beezer-Brown opened the front door in response to the deafening thumping of fist on woodwork and was confronted first by Little Micky, Big Micky’s personal spokesman, then Big Joe, who Little Micky dragged around, metaphorically that is, to extract monetary and other collections on Big Micky’s behalf. Big Joe stood an excellent six feet eight inches in stockinged feet and came complete with an abundance of muscles. Twenty stones of bulk crammed through the doorway. Bobby Beezer-Brown having never seen them before said, ”what the f...,” but was shoved aside before he could complete the expletive. Little Micky flicked a half smoked cigarette butt to smoulder on the clapped out, stained with everything sofa and said, “Bobby Beezer-Brown you are a person hard to track down. Big Micky don’t like hard to track down people does he Joe? He don’t like nasty little gits like you messing around with his stuff does he Joe? And he wants it back. Pronto.” Big Joe squeezes Bobby Beeze