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49 - Psychodelic Dancing

  “Come on, let’s go.” She said standing up. Unconcerned her low-cut top was undone to her navel, blue silky bra and white flesh hanging out. Her warm, soft hand small in his great big mitt. The slight squeeze encouraging The sudden determined tug betraying an overpowering need. Kissing, proper kissing. They had been kissing and fondling in the dark corner. Behind the door. Chaos all around. Hectic. The noise. The thumping base-up beat. The toxic smell of enjoyment.   Rick is knocked back surprised how sharp the edge of a door could be as it slammed against his head. That was Jimbo coming in, with exuberance, the usual flamboyant entrance. The big, “ I’ve arrived, ” and late as usual. Wearing his trademark wrap around shades. Looking cool, well at least he thought so. But most importantly, so did the girls. Suzie, impatient, pulled again, “ Come on Rick...  nowww Rick.” Into the hall passing Jimbo, Rick says, “Hi Jimbo. Thanks for the lump.” Jimbo replies with a slur, “Nice to see