LIQUORICE STREET - A thrilling crime drama of theft, kidnap and murder is published.

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Old Man is a barber but he has a secret with a dubious and very lucrative sideline. His past, though, is about to catch up with him.

His son, Crispin, knows all about crime. It’s what he does. One problem: he’s about to get mixed up in murders and kidnapping not of his making.

A body is found washed up on the river bank. DI Dave Simmons investigates and discovers a trail of events and murders that he struggles to connect.

Crime boss Ron Draper is on the hunt for something - and those involved with it - and isn’t fussy how he achieves his goals. The results give Dave plenty to look at but nothing much to discover.

Dave has history with both Old Man and Crispy, which adds to the difficulty of an already complicated case. How do a watch collector, a pair of twins and a thrill seeking city banker fit into the scenario?

Struggling to make any progress Dave has to deal with an impatient boss while at the same time trying to make sense of what little information he has.

Progress is slow. Will any of those involved escape retribution or will Ron manage to eliminate all the loose ends, as he has always done in the past, before the case is resolved.

An absorbing crime mystery that twists and turns its way to a surprising ending.


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