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The Grand Old Master of Gloucester

  Donald Dunkerson, known within his tight circle as The Grand Old Master, resembled how you might imagine Doctor Foster might look, perhaps after the huge bunch of miles and many days or even weeks it took him to finally achieve one of the most rain drenched and futile journeys of all time. And incidentally Donald lived in Gloucester and is, or at least had been, a doctor which eminently qualified him to recognise that being drenched at one in the morning could adversely affect someone approaching their ninetieth birthday. It is easy to assume that his saturated condition was due to some fairly tedious and persistent rainfall but that is not the case - the three firemen who extracted him from the well can attest to that.   Donald or Don as his neighbours called him or simply Dunkers as he was known all those years ago at boarding school where he learnt, more than anything else, to vigorously defend food, probably represented one of the last products of a bygone age. The Exeats